Dec. 18th, 2014

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So this is my very first post in my journal, mainly because I thought that I ought to test how this works, and not because I've got anything substantial to say. I say it's my first post, but it's also quite likely to be the last, since I unfortunately don't have anything to add to the fandom and don't use Livejournal for personal ends.

I don't think that anyone will ever end up reading this, since, again, I'm no more than a passive observer in the fandom, but I'll take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself.

My first name is Floor (and yes, that actually is a real name) and my last name shall forever remain a secret. Harhar. I'm currently in my last year of high school, and therefore probably shouldn't spend quite as much time haunting the net as I actually do.
I am also Dutch. Contrary to popular opinion, this does not equate doing drugs all day. We also do not speak German.

Moving on to the most important bit: fandom. I've currently multiple things which I am interested in, but the strongest and most time-consuming right now is by far Arashi. It basically occupies my every single free minute. My other fandoms are seriously suffering.
My Arashi-discovering-path went something like this: Watching Hanadan --> Watching Ichi Rittoru no Namida --> searching Youtube for clips of Nishikido --> coming across a horribly low quality episode of VS Arashi, and recognising Domyouyi --> being curious wth he was doing --> starting to research Arashi. That was about four months ago, and I haven't really stopped since.
I don't know much Japanese beyond the basic fangirl-vocabulary, but I'm slowly learning. Really slowly. Next year though, I'm going to study it properly.

I don't have any fellow Arashi fans at school or anywhere, really. It's quite lonely. At least my mom recognises the members by now. She's had to endure enough of my fangirling to have a favourite, even.
My bias is Ohno, because of reasons.

Edit: since not all of this introduction is applicable anymore, I'll write a new one sometime in the foreseeable future, probably. Maybe. Or maybe not. I'm lazy.


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